My previous landlord was able to get the harassment restraining order against me because I came from a purely defensive angle instead of challenging the fact that my landlord was saying that I'm dangerous and even posted physical threat while also saying I could still live on the property. Even the judge had questions about that, and we all agreed it didn't make sense, but the judge was also a white woman so she gave her the harassment restraining order.

The second your landlord starts acting up, contact the attorney general. Don't do what I did and continue to humanize and show mercy on your abuser. Landlords use their class and privilege to abuse their tenants. My former landlord is an upper class white woman and a highly regarded profession that could afford an attorney, while I had to educate myself on everything. She knew that she was using the white supremacist court system to overwhelm me.

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She didn't get everything she wanted because I advocated for myself, and the damage that she tried to do wasn't nearly as impactful. I only lost the hearing because I lacked perspective, but it's perspective that I have now for future endeavors. Although, I hope to never be in that position again and also never have landlord again. All landlords are class enemies.

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There's no such thing as a radical landlord. Some landlords are better than others because some people are better than others, but really all landlords deserve maoism. :blobcat_thisisfine:

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