I'm taking a break from networking and fundraising today. I swear!

I just found out one of my friends was attacked and beaten. Now they're asking for Mutual Aid in terms of finances, and I asked if they need anything else. What the fuck :blobcat_thisisfine: :QueerCatHeart_BlackTrans:

It would be great to wake up to me venmo payments everyday (until we abolish capitalism and money). :blobcatmeltlove:

I've been struggling really hard. I overspent with my Mutual Aid projects, and I'm very lucky that people are already distributing their wealth. Before the pandemic, mutual Aid was hard to push.

I'm not going back to the square for a while, anyway, so it's whatever.

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I just set boundaries with the person that keeps hitting me up. They can feel any kind of way about it. I said what I said. :blobcat_coffee: :blobcat_inlove: :blobcatmorningcoffee: :heart_trans_black: :ms_black_trans_flag: :sparkling_heart_black_trans:

I'm going to avoid the square for a while. It's not like there's any money there. The last people I talked to didn't even bring their phones. And then somebody tried to put me in one of their tiktoks without my permission or asking what my handle was to credit me.

The exploitation is so real.

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So that the square has started hitting me up like my Mutual aid program is their own personal Piggy bank. It's difficult to set boundaries knowing that trauma is very real, and there's no way to set boundaries in a way that people won't take personally.

Due to running low on phones I can get two people $20 for the rideshare Mutual aid right now!

Don't give me your sob story. Just send me a request.

The George Floyd square Instagram page posted a note from a child that was given to me and didn't tag me. We all know that social media is a clout chasing game, so that's pretty foul. The post had already been up for 2 hours and had over 1K likes by the time I found it. I missed a lot of traffic by not getting tagged. I was already taking a break from the square, but that's definitely a sign to take a longer break. They're exhausting my fucks to give. :blobcat_coffee: :blobcat_headphones:

New flyer for the battery Bank project! I buy rechargeable battery packs for cell phones and tablets with community Mutual aid funding and redistribute them to unhoused neighbors, and demonstrators for free!

Today someone that I've distributed Mutual aid to in person said that other people are saying that I'm out in George Floyd square raising money for myself. When I asked someone else, they said that they didn't hear anybody saying that. I'm going to take a step back from the square for a while, because of stuff like happens that's my cue to take a break. :blobcat_thisisfine: :blobcatdeficit:


(I sent to that one when I saw it on Instagram)

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@densetsu the federate is huge, so I'm very fortunate to come across someone else who lives here! Hear my mutual aid projects. If you can donate, please do. If you need funds for rideshare, pm me.

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