the free store, Valentine's treats, canceling rent and getting rent control, and speed dating? and I throw in my own personal touch of socialism, with my potluck. There's no way we can go wrong!

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This is the first pot look I posted in February, because we're doing it virtually with porch pickup and drop off. this is the first year that we're doing Valentine's day treats, because the organization that was doing it weren't who they were last year. The Valentine's treats is also a fundraiser for a free store group. And the virtual speed date event I will be participating in will be a fundraiser for our local rent canceling and rent control group!

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My Lunar New Year potluck is coming up, and right after that a local organization will be doing Valentine's day treats! I'll be doing speed dating later on this month!

Customer service has been super cool about all this, though. They're doing their best to make it right. I'm going to continue to order products from them, but I also want to have a limit on how much disappointment I can handle in one setting from one group of people.

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I've been talking to for a while now, because they sent me the wrong wallet, and then they sent me the wrong wallet again, and now they're saying they're going to send me the correct wallet. The most recent issue I've had is with a different product that look like it was a different color than what I received, between online and in person. you know how blue and green kind of look the same? That's exactly what happened.

In Minneapolis Hennepin county we have a trans equity council. Today I did a review of some policies and a survey for trans equity in homeless shelters. The trans equity in Minneapolis is considerably weak, but the fact that it exists means it can get stronger. This definitely needs to be something that spreads throughout our entire country. as long as you understand that Justice inequality are different, we should always be seeking Justice.

Phasmophobia and Among Us are about reincarnation.

Update: I reset the phone based on customer services advice because they confirmed that there was no malicious software in the update for the phone. I reset it and it worked well at first, but then the issue started happening again. I reached out to customer service, and they instructed me to turn off the pop up updates for a pre-installed news app.

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Hey, you. You maybe it to February. REJOICE!

I told the insurance wireless my phone is no longer working because I believe that the new software update has downloaded malware. I don't think they understand what that means. They told me to factory reset my phone in case the update installation was incomplete. That has nothing to do with the update having malware in it.

I have a story rolling around in my head where instead of elves being high , super rich and stuff elves are mixed race between other creatures mating with each other. They couldn't think of any other name for them so they call them elves. Mix between a human and a fairy? Elf. Mixed between a giant and a dragon? Elf. Mixed between anything and anything? Elf. They'll be the most lost and confused species. what will be cool about them is that they'll have a wide variety of abilities.

I know this is an age-old issue, but I'll still never understand these men who feel like they need to talk about men's issues when a woman is talking about women's issues. if men's issues are important, talk about men's issues on your own, and don't wait to hijack someone else's issue.

I've been doing edible CBD for a while, but I'm looking at trying oils on the next stimulus check!

Howdy y'all! 🀠 I'm a black person from Louisiana currently living in Minnesota. I'm considering moving out of the United States to Africa or India.

I'm the feminist killjoy of your dreams, enjoying all things fantasy while pointing out the races and the misogyny and everything.

I'm non-binary leaning trans masculine - pronoun fluid, but I usually feel comfortable with "he".

I love being social, hanging out, and food... so potlucks.

Homelessness is the symptom of capitalism.

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