I kinda get weirded out by this pattern where:
- a lot of people join an optional organization/platform
- the organization is extremely harmful, so harmful it ought to be destroyed, and everyone knows it, but
- it occasionally makes some people's lives transiently better (whie making most people's lives worse in the long run), so
- those people it occasionally helps fight against the destruction of the organization even though they know the organization is shitty


This is prolly just a wish for solidarity. It's annoying af that some people want things to be better but only on the condition that nothing, at any time, get even transiently less convenient for them in any way

I don't even blame folks for participating in systems/practices they know are harmful but don't have the support or knowledge to extricate themselves from. It's just annoying when they actively oppose the destruction of harmful shit when someone else does figure out how to burn it down. Get out the way

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