Lol I missed the cats and starlink thing

“Starlink works great until the cats find out that the dish gives off a little heat on cold days"

Things I thought I would never know: at least five cats can fit in a starlink satellite internet dish

@oya This is how cat pictures end up on the internet

@oya so many useless satellites polluting the night sky for this…

@isagalaev @oya well maybe there were other possible solutions.

@oya @ifixcoinops I needed an example post with a medium-length image description for a PR I'm working on, and this is EXACTLY the post I needed, many thanks to both of you for your roles in getting it onto my feed 😄

Würdet ihr sagen diese Satellitenschüssel ist senkrecht oder wagerecht aufgestellt?
Frage für eine Disskussion....

Is this sattelite dish placed vertical or horizontal?
asking because of an disagreement....
Vertical => Senkrecht
Horizontal => Wagerecht

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