me: let me play a game and enjoy doing things

game: what about sit down and watch this cringy bullshit run off the mill and unskippable story for ten minutes?? what about death by boredom??

really really want a game that's not come out of the imagination of a millennial American teenager boy

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(yeah I am that annoying high school girlfriend that scoffed at your games, and you know what I am a proud stereotypical girlfriend 😂)

like give me a game where I rebel against the British empire and steal from the colonisers to keep my people alive.

give me a game where I am a disprivileged person who finds themselves between going into crime vs failing to get my loved one medical care.

be done with the space age pew pew stuff or dragon stabbing or magical medieval gymnastics.


@cadadr Yesss, I want a slave uprising game where we take out the overseers and light the plantation house on fire

@oya would play the fuck out of it!

also would love to watch the so called gamers lose their minds over it.

and give me a war game where middle easterners aren't either bloodthirsty terrorists or noble defectors but we play as them trying to fight off US funded terrorists while muricans just do nothing but cause trouble.

or a game where I liberate artifacts from the British museum or whatever and transport them back home, instead of the reverse which actually exists...

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