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"fighting your oppressors makes you just as bad as them" - your oppressors

not friendly reminder that most crime is of the "employers fucking not paying their employees" variety

All cops are assholes
All cops are bastards
All cops are chucklefucks
All cops are dickholes

My continued life means this has been addressed, but I wish I knew in more detail how air gets in the house

there's a #FuckingCensorshipBundle on itch going on rn as part of fundraising efforts to help sex workers! the details can be found here:


My twin sibling would have the power to remove all letters, runes, and symbols from any physical documentation medium. An ethereal mist moves through an office building and every sheet of paper in every filling cabinet is blank

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- arrest records
- records of debt
- records of who has how much money
- records of who "owns" what land
- fash networks

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If I had an x-men style superpower, it'd be to emit a kinda sentient ionizing radiation that can identify pieces of information and follow them through their backups and copies to erase all traces of the data

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It’s a weird day to be a Jew online. It’s an even weirder one to have work as a writer come out. But anyway. I was featured in this magazine. There’s an interview and two stories. Check it here online.fliphtml5.com/pszqz/xzl

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