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Heading out for camping in a bit. Gonna breathe tree air and cook over a fire and sleep under the stars n shit. Might have sporadic internet access, but prolly see y'all next week :blackheartsparkle:

there's a bunch of new people here so i just wanted to mention i offer #commissions ! there are sketch tiers, digital icons, color portraits, scratchboard, and even full on watercolor paintings :beholderlove: check em out at

July Campaign Update is out for OutKast People Nation--we've got two new incarcerated trans women we're supporting, an advocacy request from comrade Akeem, and lots of other good stuff. Check out the fundraiser and consider sharing or donating!

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grump, tech 

Ever google an answer to a question you're intimately familiar with and fall into despair about the prominence of confidently-stated misinformation in the top search results? That's fun

not sure whether this is a shitpost or a plan 

Wearing all black for july 4th and doing a step routine on the amerikkkan flag

physical health 

Tomorrow I wanna do nothing but have ginger turmeric tea and try to stretch and move my joints

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physical health 

I'm at a point in life where bending over at the waist is a high stakes activity. I have to do specific exercises to maintain the ability to bend over. I'm discovering that there are butt and thigh muscles that I have neglected to engage for my whole life that support my back. This is the era of the buttocks. Buttocks or barbarism

Hope y'all are giving and experiencing deep love despite the existence of disgusting fascistic turds and other anti-black asswipes

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Hope y'all are having moments of unadulterated joy somehow in this shit of a historical moment

aging, stiffness 

Anyone got any tips for not feeling like the tin man? Do I gotta jog or do calisthenics or take collagen or something? What the hell, my range of motion is shot

aging, alcohol 

Can have no more than 1.5 drinks in any one day without feeling like garbage the next day. Heavy sigh

Mutual aid, IWW member fired 

Kaley was a public defender and employee of the Virginia Indigent Defense Commission (VIDC). She fiercely advocated for poor and working-class people in an oppressive criminal legal system. She was also a newly elected delegate of the PWID Union. She was sacked after demanding a union rep at work.

:boost_ok: #mutualaid #iww

Did that use this term as a racist dog whistle or because they don't know the history behind the term? A fediverse choose your own adventure story.

sugary bullshit 

Next time I'll try nutella

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sugary bullshit 

I dipped my black sesame bun into sweetened condensed milk earlier tonight. I liked it

grump, fash bullshit 

He just texted me to clarify that it's not used exclusively by nazis, the other place he sees it a lot is in NFT and crypto speculation subreddits lmao. The venn diagram tho

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grump, fash bullshit 

I asked my friend (fyi he's white, cishet) whether I'm just being touchy, and he said that in spaces he's in, "based" is currently used mostly by nazis and "was/is popular with trumpists, especially in the run up to 2016" so. Fuck y'all. (not you)

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grump, replies from black users only pls 

The recent frequent use of "based" by non-blacks stems from ironic anti-black appropriation of AAVE by 4chan fascists, right? Does it bother y'all or no?

I wouldn't mind it as much if:
- it didn't mean that people's casual social networks include fascists that successfully spread fash vocabulary/attitudes
- it wasn't definitely making fun of folks who have drug addictions

unimportant grump 

Sometimes I see this thing where someone will ask for advice about something personal and emotionally complex, and another person will reply with a reductive abstract single-phrase answer like "Simply accept the change in all things." with the period and all as if they're a profound spiritual guru whose every utterance should be meditated upon with hushed reverence

What *is* that? Where are people getting this insufferable rhetorical style? Is it some subreddit? Who did this

friend, pol, old leftpol grumps 

God, I really am a walking litmus test for whether people are forreal or just full of shit. Cheers to everyone else in the "knows too much" club. Sometimes I'd rather not always know what every stranger's oppressive attachments are

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friend, pol, old leftpol grumps 

Her somewhat ignorant ass is unfortunately better than the kind-of self-described leftist that quotes 200 yo white dude theory but rolls their eyes at, say, black feminist thought

I'll always prefer someone who doesn't know any better over someone who thinks of themselves as knowledgeable but holds onto specific oppressive ideas even though they should know better. I don't give a shit about what people say they are poitically, the proof's in how you respect oya

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