Howdy y'all! 🤠 I'm a black person from Louisiana currently living in Minnesota. I'm considering moving out of the United States to Africa or India.

I'm the feminist killjoy of your dreams, enjoying all things fantasy while pointing out the races and the misogyny and everything.

I'm non-binary leaning trans masculine - pronoun fluid, but I usually feel comfortable with "he".

I love being social, hanging out, and food... so potlucks.

Homelessness is the symptom of capitalism.


@toriyoujo I ruin the movies too for everyone. It’s ruined for me you’re joining too damn it! And what made you pick Africa or India? We’ve moved outside the USA too. It’s a good idea. Changes how you feel day to day.

@ikora I want to move to India because I love the people in India! Everything I already know about the culture and people that I met from there! Africa is relatively new, but I've spent all my life up until this point believing that Africans don't like us only for to turn out to be a white capitalist lie. Africans want us to come home. It's just Africa has so many problems. It's hard to get healthcare in some places and have lgbtq rights in others.

@toriyoujo the people you meet from India are Brahmin usually from the highest caste. So they probably would think that. And yes about Africa too. They do want us to return. But often we need to do a lot of deprogramming to avoid being a coloniser when we get there.

@toriyoujo we chose Australia. And are considering Aotearoa (New Zealand) because of healthcare and just a better mindset.

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