#RageLove PSA

We are defederating from kolektiva.social starting today.

We cannot stress enough the need for decentralization of online spaces so all voices, the erased ones in particular, can be heard in a caring way.

@admin is there any explanation you can point to about this at all? Thanks

@ikora Like Dumi said, its being done out of an overabundance of caution for the protection of our users. Kolektiva has almost 5k users now and last I'd heard, only 1 Admin (it could have changed by now). For scale, RL has 76 users but 3 Admin and 2 Mods and even between the 5 of us there's still a lot of work to do.

its just concerning that such a large instance with open registration has so little oversight.


@glitter I see! Thank you for the explanation. I was checking what I should look out for.

@ikora I'm always willing to help out if I can. Just shoot me a DM or @ me.

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