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Intra-BIPOC Contention, Advice Please? 

So, there's a new company that's run by a black person. The company appears to be containing all "POC". The name of the company contains "POC". The company is said to be unapologetically about POC. So... they have used a word that appropriates and erases Turtle Island First Nations people. I sent a message asking them to clarify the meaning and then following that to remove the word. They explained the meaning to me again and just said "Thank you". 1/?

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help, urgent 

Hey yall, dont know if you saw the other post but im in seriously an emergency situation and wont have money for next months survival expenses like rent/food/meds. If anyone can please help with anything, it would be the biggest blessing.
Help a trans woman of color out <3

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help a black trans person! SquareCash/Cash App:

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tradition is just peer pressure from dead people

US news 

I had not watched the news lately... And I just accidentally saw the news because I had to do my job today, involving using Linked In. My heart aches... I wrote my parents a letter begging them to leave the USA. And just as I sent it off saying things were about to get worse for the 2 of them... I see the news. And the words I wrote in the letter are in the news story. My heart. My heart. My people.
I left the USA in 2015 because of safety issues and open to help anyone else do the same.

sappy, love, corny, me 

I've been in such a weepy, sappy, loving mood towards fellow humans lately and the beauty that we have to offer one another. Heavy heart from the pain we've been constantly under. I'm sorry and I feel hopeful and love y'all so much. Thanks for being here and for reading all my sappy love letters to y'all.

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It is absurd that there are not simpler ways for non-programmers to make computers do what they want.

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global abortion laws 

Hope some people pushing back on the attack on abortion in the u.s. keep in mind that birthing autonomy is an intersectional privilege on a global level. Just like there are many people in the u.s. whose access to free & safe abortion (& pregnancy) has never really existed, there are even more people worldwide who don't have these things even on paper - & in many cases the u.s., nato, & five eyes send hundreds of millions of dollars a year to these governments. This also means that there are many people who have been fighting back under incredibly repressive conditions who deserve equal support & attention

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“Autistic people have to do 100% of the compensation for the communication differences that exist between us and non-autistic people.

This is not fair.

And people wonder why we're stressed.”

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hiii my name is Never. i'm a 37 year old trans jew.

I wrote some books. You can get them for free or pay at my website

I co-founded a clothing line called undying apparel. It's at

You can see what I'm working on now at​

And occasionally I'll throw some music of mine online over at

So, this is a new profile for me, though it's been sitting dormant for a while. I'm using it to step out of the place I was before and enter a new one. I hope this makes sense. I'm creating something new now. A lot of people that followed the other profile may return, but some won't. And I think that's OK with me.

I'm re-following everyone on an unused profile... that's why this random is in your requests. Thanks for accepting me!

Hi y'all. It's me. If you know, you know. If you don't, then you won't. :100_gay:

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