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@cadxdr lol yeah, exactly! That's what I thought you wanted but didn't know who bread was. Good one it's one of the folks here :P

@cadxdr lol I KNOW! I think I was laughing because the way the comma was in the sentence was like you were talking to Bread :) asking them to DM you

Can y'all please explain yunohost to me like I'm new to computers in general? For example, I know I'm not great at sysadmin hence I need to use this tool. but... I start feeling nervous when they say go ahead and relinquish your ssh rights to this computer and go ahead and click through security warnings. plz help me understand how it's OK to use? Because it seems fecking cool and I want to use/try it but was like all nervous once I saw the SSH thing and felt like hmm... IDK confused? thanks :)

@cadxdr From the reading I've done quite recently, other autistic people feel/do the same thing. In fact, this was a specific example they brought up on the site I was reading would need to find it.

But also, someone not in any social groups... I don't ever have never believed I am in one idk if that makes sense. I don't feel part of 'it' whatever 'it' is. Ok. Done babbling, but was just curious if there were any more info on this or if I'm making too much of your comment :P

@cadxdr Where did this info come from? (Not challenging you on it, but curiously asking the source and if it's your thoughts or if there's some study or commentary on it)
Part of the reason I'm asking about if there was a study or paper, I'd want to know if autistic people were included in it and if they were found to form their beliefs that way. As I understand and experience, I form my politics based on some sense of internal understanding/feeling vs social groups...

@thufie tbh, I think we'd have better invisibility if we announce our crimes with "against black queer disabled femmes" and they will be quickly and summarily ignored by all. They can go unnoticed almost... I reckon these FBI dudes WILL read about minecraft, but not about crimes against us. Speaking from xp here.

i.e. someone says "Gonna harm black femme" when you tell police they say meh... So... ? Seems like a solid plan?

I am SO excited that I finally have gotten through accounting issues on this continent and can launch the ubuntu buzz open collective to post our budget and expenses online. This is cool news because I am NOT good with money admin and the boring stuff. This will help me be able to get and send out money easier. I am going to be reviewing our budget and seeing how we can help more/better.

Any requests or suggestions for me?

ableism, racism 

@oya idk lol... she was VERY important in the music industry. Ok well... g4u. You still racist tho :P

ableism, racism 

@oya It IS ableism. It's how these things all intersect, esp for us and how we present to the world. I was in my "masters" degree program and I was told by a white lady after a presentation I did on iterative software development that: "You are smarter than you look" and I was like why don't I look smart? And how can I change this appearance? She talked about my style, my stripes, literally.. So,, to "avoid" doing a racism, she judged me based on "smart" which is ableist. imo

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So of course my printers for photography prints are increasing their prices. bound to happen

however they have sent the email 2 days before the price increase

so you have until Weds afternoon to buy one of my prints at the current price. IDK what the increases are gonna look like, so heres to hoping

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ISIS are terrorists. Period.

Terms like "jihadist" and "Islamic terrorism" are islamophobic dogwhistles.

Stop fucking using them.

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"The racist white person . . . doesn't understand that [they are] also a race. It's also constructed, it's also made, and it also has some kind of serviceability. . . . But when you take it away, I take your race away and there you are, all strung out and all you've got is your little self. And what is that? What are you without #racism? Are you feeling good? Are you still strong? Still smart? Do you still like yourself? . . .

"If you can only be tall because somebody's on their knees, then you have a serious problem. And my feeling is, white people have a very, very serious problem. And THEY should start thinking about what THEY can do about it. Take me out of it."

- #ToniMorrison on whiteness

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@oya DARVO.. Yep. That's what she did. Thanks for the words for it. I didn't get it at the time.

@oya Lemme go look at what DARVO is. She even told ME what it is... And I forgot it.. No, MY therapist did OK by me. I'm not singing his praises but as I told him "not horrible". The person that did this though WAS a therapist and continues to be one. "for marginalised people" (which I read as not black, but then again, my partner tells me that she said she "has black and blak friends") :blobcatfacepalm:

and OH! Good idea on the Therapy for Black Girls thing. I'll check it out :)

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ableism, request for resources :boost_requested: 

anyone here have some good sources, or terms to search for, when trying to convince family members that 1) chronic illness exists and 2) chronically ill people need more rest and depriving them of it is fucking abusive?

or any advice u have for getting people to respect the limitations of a sick person. has Anything worked for u? are there arguments that people seem more responsive to? tysm for any help

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