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Hello! I am a trans lady with debilitating depression and am in a bit of need here.

I'm running out of funds at the moment! I'm unemployed with no federal aid and have been looking for work for over a year.

In the next two weeks, I need to get medicine (~$180), appointments with physicians and my counselor for the first time in over a year ($90 total), and some help with food. (donations like rice would be AMAZING)

thank you so, so much for the help.

What’s this, sugie? (Dog pic, eye contact) 

I tried to post an image description on this but I cannot see the image description on my device. Can anyone else see if there is an image description?

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What’s this, sugie? (Dog pic, eye contact) 

Every morning my dog sugar (sugie) brings me something but won’t let me have it. Today’s tease appears to be a piece of “The Last MFing Fancy Bed She Will Ever Get!” :blobcatblep:

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Boost if the US is a failed state 🤣 🤣 🤣

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A home of Black Trans people are in dire need of paying rent this month ($1,900) rent help is needed after job shorten hours + mental health leave. THIS IS URGENT. GOAL MUST BE MET TODAY.

Cashapp: $MatrixTbh
Venmo: BlackTransHome

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if you know how to fix [thing]
you probably know how to cleanly sabotage [thing]

@brainblasted Atlassian might do it. They are hiring lots of people right now globally. And have been known to move people around from the USA and elsewhere.

@ocdtrekkie Yes, I have installed it on a machine by itself but wasn't clear on what it was doing on that machine and how it might damage my reputation on the internet with the ability to go around causing problems, for example. And/or calling home behind my back, or whatever else these things do.

So, most tech people I work with have no hesitation to simply include "analytics" in everything and don't feel it's always worth mentioning IDK. I will check out sandstorm too. I think I heard of it.

@oya I don't much care for 'the internet' overall but thanks for blessing us with the knowledge of this video's existence. I am LIVING more now. <3 @Are0h

@gotosocial I have a question about gotosocial. Is it easy to migrate to it from hometown or mastodon? I haven't been able to see the Q&A so far, sorry if it's a repeat.

Also, on your OpenCollective profile the URL of your github repo has a typo in it, missing the "s" I clicked through but it took me to the wrong URL, noticed s missing.

@greyor I understand the ssh thing (I think) wrt how to set up, but was unclear whether that was an option during installation. I'll check out that link too! Thanks :)

food (not vegan or vegan if you read it as soy meat idgaf) 

@thufie I KNOW RIGHT... Things can't just be easy :blobcatscience:

food (not vegan or vegan if you read it as soy meat idgaf) 

@thufie I couldn't vote for my answer. It's a burger AND a sandwich because all burgers are sandwiches but not all sandwiches are burgers.

cohost, 6/6 

@cadxdr We could be missing things, ofc. But so far, I've not gotten a positive sign, just an over-confident sign.

cohost, 6/6 

@cadxdr I was watching to see if anyone's review or commentary made me feel differently but what I saw them do was write something like "I'm a coposter" and for ME personally... Being so cool that I use the words "I'm a cop" in a sentence... I guess.. I would notice that and step back. Because I have an emotional time with these things. It appears they've maybe not listened to anyone they think they're going to be helping. BC that would have been said by me in the first meeting :P

@greyor Thank you! I'm reading now and already found something of value by finding that VPS provider. I have DO and it's expensive. This one is much less.. I will reach out if I have more questions. You may have answered them already in the post! @cadxdr

@Are0h THANKS! Knowing there are a bunch of other people using it does make me feel more at ease because when it matters to other people, it may have a chance of survival... But when I tried clicking through the setup, I got nervous not knowing why/what it was up to.

CIA, DARVO, counterrevolution, historiography 

@noyovo This is why I'm so adamant about in-person communication with people you think you're in "solidarity" or "community" with is critical. ALL communication that strips itself down to binary form, including THIS ONE NOW is not good enough. Not for the universes of messages that our people have to share.

CIA, DARVO, counterrevolution, historiography 

@noyovo Books are also perfect tools of oppression in many ways because they reduce us to a black and white 2-dimensional language-bound form. In real life and in our cultures that are being stomped out, we communicate with our whole body and soul and tell the whole story. The book can conveniently strip the message down to dimensions that the oppressor is aware of. Communication through dance and song, for example is conveniently excluded.

@Are0h Is there an easy way for me to audit/view of all the things that yuno has done in the background?

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