Can y'all please explain yunohost to me like I'm new to computers in general? For example, I know I'm not great at sysadmin hence I need to use this tool. but... I start feeling nervous when they say go ahead and relinquish your ssh rights to this computer and go ahead and click through security warnings. plz help me understand how it's OK to use? Because it seems fecking cool and I want to use/try it but was like all nervous once I saw the SSH thing and felt like hmm... IDK confused? thanks :)

@cadxdr @creator I do! I love it. I am pretty techy but new to sysadmining. I wrote a little blog post on my experiences with it (mostly at the tail end) if you're interested in reading it. Happy to answer whatever questions I can too.


@greyor Thank you! I'm reading now and already found something of value by finding that VPS provider. I have DO and it's expensive. This one is much less.. I will reach out if I have more questions. You may have answered them already in the post! @cadxdr

@creator Yeah, I am happy with Contabo, someone on here recommended it to me actually and I've had my VPS since last August with relatively few hiccups, and it is reasonably-priced.

And yes, please, please do reach out, I am really happy to help however I can. Running a server has been an adventure.

thanks @cadxdr for the heads up!

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