Growing up black 

TIL that growing up black with 2 separate families (one Black one white), my unique combination of traits, neurotype, and privileges means that I have learned from birth how to navigate spaces where:

I am the MOST privileged person in the room based on my proximity to whiteness. My autistic brain, queerness, trauma, and my proximity to whiteness fight each other in my mind and the best option is deference.

I am the LEAST privileged person in the room for same reasons.



Growing up black 

In my work environment I’m often the LEAST privileged in the room. In that case, I have been told that being more assertive and communicative is the best way. So I did that. Every few days, I transitioned from the quiet to the loud. And chameleoned myself into whatever kept me safest.

Growing up black in a white home is a learning experience! Swapping between primarily white and black homes and schools was mind-bending.

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