painful, nightmares, terror, death, gun violence 

The night of Juneteenth, my “friend” said she wouldn’t center me today or any day and it seems like that’s what I want in a friend.

I went to bed that night and couldn’t sleep my heart aches for the world. I can’t get this woman to hear me long enough to realise she is violent. Why would I have tried that when everyone warned me?

I fell asleep really late like 4am after going to bed at 9.

Then I had a nightmare.. I was in the USA 1/?


Graphic, painful, nightmares, terror, death, gun violence 

In my dream: i had reunited with my family. But, soon after, a gunman came in and shot us all one at a time as we hid in rooms with locked doors listening as he shot. My body shook with each shot. I woke up in cold sweat… having just witnessed my own death, a very real eminent possibility…

My “friend” ended a very painful (for me) relationship with me. On Juneteenth. And this is how I spent the evening. She did a ww self-care party.

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