Being a black autistic femme is:

Having solid experience-based answers to questions about how to achieve better outcomes and constantly watching while “smart educated folks” keep asking each other and me what we should do. I try to answer but they are so sure I’m wrong, they take all the space learning and theorising and patting themselves on the back.


but alas my voice is not heard so I watch and wait another generation… :sigh:

And also, when you do listen to me, I will tell you that I’m not the right one to listen to… my voice was born in the heart of a war machine and my skin is light. I have been and continue to be constantly traumatised however I have also been afforded many western privileges. One of them is the voice that you hear today reaching your ears or screen. The voice we need to hear can’t speak here yet. That’s why our work is urgent and it’s critical to start listening. Now rather than later.

@creator Intelligent Black folks in a majority non-Black environment have to not only prove they are smart enough that their presence should be allowed, but also avoid threatening others' sense of intellectual superiority. It's exhausting, and I've found myself in pointless battles with people who were bound and determined to keep doing things the wrong way instead of take my advice.

@samuteki yes. I’m really trying so hard to avoid trying to convince people. But at the same time, they DEMAND my advice. Then this whole game where I have to pick a random assortment of my advice and only the most important 1/999999 things. And only the right way or else. Wow. I don’t even… and not even want to understand what they may be missing, they say stuff like “we can compare notes” and I’m like wtf? You use notes for this? I’ve done this expertly since childhood.

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