Accessible masto onboarding 

Is there an accessible masto onboarding/wiki already in existence for new users, especially less techy ones? And if not, would anyone like to help me make one? I'm pretty OK at writing training guides and would love to be able to share a resource like this with new users when they log in to the mastodon platform so they can get used to things, esp etiquette things that we are learning over time and wtf is going on. Most folks on earth won't be able to participate rn

Accessible masto onboarding 

@creator I tried to create a education/onboarding msg, see pinned toot :P

Accessible masto onboarding 

@creator one suggestion i have is to perhaps merely interview some people from here—whoever.

here we have:

  • a culture of CWs
  • frequently finding drama to be ‘cringe’
  • listening more than speaking
  • allowing space for people
  • the schematic outlines of the beginnings maybe of accountability processes that aren’t performative

i wanna do something like this eventually, awesome post (:

@creator i will love to help creating one, somehow.


for a platform where to write, i highly recommend #writefreely such as or perhaps even if you can set it up.

i really rather enforce using #fupl / #agpl but…

we may find it both lacking for writing in an open contributing format such as wikipedia…

so, in lack of a better alternative, might suffice.


first i must say we must mention all the main fediverse alternatives to mastodon right upfront (using pleroma instead of mastodon myself):

and a few alternative onboarding guides we would suggest, for different reasons (i also take this space to test different ways to link url here):


@cregox Oh, thanks for all that! I do remember that I watched that video before. I think this is a good start for an onboarding. I want to look for a platform that kind of drives people down a path and sends them off to do steps. Like a training one or something perhaps. More thinking needed, but for now, this is LOTS of information to start with, thank you!

@cregox And btw, the main problem(s) that I'm trying to solve with this isn't that there's not information out there, or a wiki, but that it's not necessarily accessible or helpful for people who have literally no idea what is going on here. So, need to guide them loads more before we say "Choose what planet you're on. Pick a server" and they're like um? lol :P But it appears there would be a good way to piece together the existing info and/or link to it for extra reading for the eager. :)

@creator agreed and exactly why i want to help.

but i probably will not help much with hands on building... 🥺

as i still struggle to get myself a stack that allows me building my own web page (to begin with) using #mobileonly as i have no other computing device (except for a headless raspi i only access through termux). long story. 🙃

@cregox Oh, I the person to thank for is @lightone. I merely host the site and help out with some side projects like nodes.f.p and #FediQuiz. I'm really glad to see that people find the site useful, because that's the reason I help keeping it alive :)


@minoru @creator thank you both!! i just took a random name that looked more in sync with me from the about page, since it didn't make very clear who to blame! 🤣

Accessible masto onboarding 

@creator There're many onboarding articles scattered here and there. As for dedicated websites, I know of two:



Accessible masto onboarding 

@creator i'm down to help write stuff if needed. in particular i really feel like masto culture/etiquette is something i had to learn by experience and i have not seen a comprehensive guide anywhere

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